Booking and Services


  • Music composition - Includes original work adapted for use of accompanying video or live events. Styles include solo instrumental, orchestral, conventional rock band, jazz ensemble and electronic. 
  • Musical collaboration - Includes co-arranging existing music or co-writing music for audio production or sheet music in standard notation. 
  • Weddings - Includes live performance of prelude, processional, mid-ceremony, recessional, post-ceremony and reception music. Genres include Classical, Jazz and Popular.
  • Special Events - Includes live music for the duration of any event. Genres include Jazz, Pop, Country, Latin and Classical. 
  • Memorial Services - Includes live music for the requested duration before, during or after memorial service. 


For prices regarding musical composition or arranging, please contact me with the details of the specific assignment or project. The estimated price will be dependent upon the constituents of the job. 

Prices below are based on an hourly rate of performance and are negotiable. Prices subject to change depending on location of event and length of performance.  Instrumentation dependent on availability of musicians. 

  • Solo guitar - $200 minimum per event.  
  • Duo - $400 minimum per event. (guitar + violin, guitar + bass, guitar + vocalist, guitar + guitar 2)
  • Trio - $525 minimum per event. (duo combination + piano/keyboard, percussion or saxophone/flute)
  • Full band - $600 minimum per event. (4- 6 members)

The Love Notes are a violin and guitar duo that create and perform musical arrangements for weddings and events. 


The OneUps are a video game cover band that focuses on unique arrangements of video game music in a variety of styles such as Jazz, Rock, Funk, Metal and Hip-Hop.


Trio de Janeiro is a Jazz trio that performs Latin styles of Jazz standards. Styles range from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Afro-Cuban.


The Altered Beasts are a Jazz guitar duo that record, arrange and perform new versions of old video game themes.